Frequently Asked Questions

If you've been thinking about getting a new Irrigation System for your home, you will have questions. Read through some of these common concerns and problems. Some of the answers may surprise you! If you still have more questions after looking through our FAQ, feel free to give us a call.

How much more water will a new sprinkler system use?

If you currently water your garden and lawn with a hose or above ground sprinkler, you will actually use less water! A well designed automatic home sprinkler system will deliver the exact amount of water your lawn and garden needs to be healthy, and it turns itself off! No more wasting water from a hose that’s left on for hours at a time or forgotten about completely.

Will my new sprinkler system turn on while it is raining?

Not at all! We can equip a rain sensor to your system that will turn off your whole irrigation system when it starts to rain.


I have an oddly shaped yard. Is a sprinkler system going to help me?

Yes. There are many options available now when it comes to nozzles and sprinklers. After our free initial visit, we will map out your yard, and create a comprehensive irrigation plan that will account for the layout of your yard as well as different plant types so the right amount of water gets where it needs to be.

I have a small yard, is it even worth installing a sprinkler system?

Of course it is. We can install low volume nozzles that spray anywhere from 2.5 to 4 feet to accommodate even the smallest spaces.

It gets windy here in Oklahoma, will my new sprinklers work properly during high wind conditions?

 Yes, there are low angle nozzles that we can install that will minimize the effects of the Oklahoma winds.

I’ve seen some of my neighbors’ sprinkler systems mist after a few years, will that happen to my sprinklers as well? 

Any sort of mist or fog that comes from a sprinkler is caused by a fluctuation in water pressure or damage to the sprinkler head. If you see this happen, feel free to contact us and a member of our team will diagnose the issue.

How much of a time window should I expect when waiting for an appointment?

We take customer service seriously. If we make an appointment at 1 pm, we will be there at 1 pm. We will also call you before the appointment to make sure nothing has changed, and follow up after the appointment to make sure that everything went well.

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